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Hi! I'm Gracie...

Literature has been the love of my life since early childhood.

I'm convinced there are few things of more value and worth in the world than the solicitude of good books, teatime talks, undisturbed quiet, and the fellowship between kindred spirits. As I navigate my early 20s, that truth only seems to make itself more potent, and it's my aim to nurture those simple, sweet beauties here at Austens & Alcotts. My goal is to make this little spot a cozy, comfortable area for all who, like me, long for a little of the peace of the bygone days as our world gets louder and progressively less alluring.

You'll find here a collection of blog posts from heartfelt chats over tea, literary-inspired recipes, book reviews to period drama recommendations, and shop-updates where I reveal new literary items available on the Austens & Alcotts shop, featuring my artwork.

My passion is for classic literature, particular the branch pertaining to women's classics, celebrating authors from Jane Austen and Louisa May Alcott to L.M. Montgomery, Agatha Christie, the Brontës, Beatrix Potter...and many more. I'm a devout follower of Christ, an INFJ, and part-time artist living in the upper Midwest of the United States. It's my sincerest wish you find beauty and calm within the pages and posts on this blog, and are inspired to invite all things pure and lovely into facets of everyday beauties.

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