• Gracie Carmichael

May 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

Bullet journaling has taken the world by storm, filling your Pinterest feed and local craft stores with new ideas for banners, headers, fonts, journal brands, and more. I've been a part of the bullet journaling community for almost four years now, and I find it both incredibly productive and therapeutic. All of your stray lists and notes and calendar events are kept in one place, and you get the fun of decorating them to your heart's content with whatever materials you choose.

I've seen minimalist, modern bullet journals that are used mostly for task-listing, as well as the full-scale color-coded journals designed for everything one could possibly think to journal on, from computer passwords to memorable dreams. How I use my bullet journal varies by the month—sometimes even the week if I'm really scattered—and it helps me set aside a little time planning productivity that ultimately results in less time wasted (and a few minutes of peaceful journaling).

You can use any journal to hand, lined, grid, or dotted, but the term 'bullet' specifically refers to the dotted kind. Though don't let that stop you from using another style! Bullet journals come in all different shapes and sizes. This year I'm using the Paperage bullet journal in green, pictured above—(stickers not included! ;)

For my May 2020 theme, I wanted something vintage-looking and feminine—me in a nutshell, really—and I decided to use some fabric-patterned scrap paper to corner off the edges of the paper. I love the cream eyelet fabric design especially; it looks so pretty and balanced with the pale brown and muted pink colors.

I used my Micron ink pen in size 01 for the entire setup, and a light brown marker for lettering detail. The opposite page features a stray piece of paper bunting I had in the scrap pile, with a few add-on flowers.

For the monthly spread, I wanted to use the space in a fun way, as every month somehow it's always this page that I never seem to use. I used some more fabric-pattered scrapbook paper, graphed my calendar, drew out some floral designs, and wrote in a Louisa May Alcott quote from Little Women. Then I set up my monthly habit tracker. I like to use symbols for habits rather than writing them out, just to save space.

I find that my weekly spread tends to change by the week, and I can never plan it out a month ahead. Consequently, the first week of the month is always the one that gets the most love. I like to keep these spreads simple and straightforward, leaving room for me to jot down my goals throughout the week and tasks as they come up. I used more paper scraps, and finally stuck in another Little Women quote, as by this time I was really considering making it a theme for the month. We'll see!

I can hardly believe May 2020 is here! I think I can speak for the whole lot of us when I say that the year hasn't quite gone the way we anticipated—even if we anticipated very little! Here's to brighter, healthier days ahead, and many bright Mays to come.

Thanks for sticking around for this first week of Austens & Alcotts' launch! As promised, after this week we'll settle down into our normal scheduling. I won't be back until Monday morning with a special treat, followed by a post Thursday. Let's plan to make those our regularly scheduled post days going forward.

Have a wonderful weekend! In the words of Louisa May Alcott, "Keep good company, read good books, love good things and cultivate soul and body as faithfully as you can."

Until Monday,