• Gracie Carmichael

The Pemberley Quilt

If you aren't quilting your way through a 6-hour Pride & Prejudice (1995) marathon using fabric designed especially for the devoted Janeite. . . you're doing it wrong!

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When I first spotted the beautiful Pride & Prejudice-inspired Pemberley collection of fabric from Riley Blake Designs, I couldn't resist purchasing a bundle. From ballroom dancers to the grand estate of Pemberley itself, featuring Lizzie's letters, Regency-era wallpaper, floral motifs and country-dance violins, the designs perfectly capture all the cozy Austen feelings.

I used the 10" stacker which includes 42 square precuts, featuring four each of all thirteen designs. I had to make a quilt out of this gorgeous fabric, and I settled on Then Came June's Meadowland pattern in a Large Throw size, which comes out to 5 blocks across and 6 down.

I can't get over how gorgeous the fabric from this line is! Citrus & Mint designed the line and I adore the quality and details from each individual design , particularly the ballroom dancers, which comes in a variety of blue, pink, and white.

I quilted the fabric in a straight-line stitch which I fancy gave it a really nice traditional feel.

One of my favorite things about this fabric line is that all thirteen designs go together so beautifully. The rich greens, subtle pinks, dark peaches, varying blues and bright whites match together seamlessly.

This is the perfect quilt to snuggle up with and enjoy watching (and perhaps drooling over) Colin Firth's Mr. Darcy or reading about Emma Woodhouse's matchmaking escapades on a peaceful afternoon. I'm so happy with my Pemberley quilt!

Links to Materials:

Pemberley Fabric Collection:

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