• Gracie Carmichael

Welcome to Austens & Alcotts!

Have you ever wanted to dine like the Bennetts of Pride & Prejudice, but never found a trusty, easy-to-use recipe guide? Or perhaps you've been pining after one of the knitted sontag shawls as worn by the March girls in Greta Gerwig's recent adaptation of Little Women. At a loss for which of L.M. Montgomery's literary heroines rank highest, or wondered where the 2005 P&P stands against its superior 1995 predecessor? And what exactly is a barouche, as no Austen novel is complete without mention of?

Pine and ponder no more! Let this blog be the 'chaise and four' of all things period-drama.

Welcome to the launch of my blog, Austens & Alcotts, and consequently my first post! I'm Gracie, a lover of costume drama and classic literature, a professional daydreamer and avid writer navigating my early twenties. My hope for this blog is to indulge in my passion for living life according to period drama and embracing the simple solace of better times behind with a 19th Century flair.

Why "Austens & Alcotts"?

Jane Austen and Louisa May Alcott are heralded by me, at the very least, to be something of a beacon in the world of classic literature, and particularly in the area of women's writing. As it happens, Little Women and Pride & Prejudice remain at the top of my 'best books' list, and I imagine they'll stay fixed there awhile yet. While this blog will pay respects to a plethora of period classics by various authors, I should only be too happy to let Austen and Alcott get top bill in my book.

I chose to create this blog out of a lifelong love for not only costume dramas and literature, but for the old-fashioned know-how and graceful charm of the bygone times that seem lost to us in our present age. From early childhood, my passion went beyond reading The Tale of Peter Rabbit or watching the 1985 adaptation of Anne of Green Gables. I wanted to go deeper: to paint and draw with Beatrix Potter's fine watercolor detail; to live in a pre-industrialized farmhouse on P.E.I., with a coal stove and well-pump. I've always wondered if I was born in the wrong era, after all. Here's to all the "old souls" of society.

#Perioddrama is too often derided for its old-fashioned virtues and antiquated language, but I will sooner hold that our Bennetts and our Marches knew quite a lot more about life and living than their 21st Century critics. Shall we discover their secrets together?

What we'll be seeing...

It is my hope that this blog will be home to quite a few things among the spectrum of period dramas and classics, including (but not limited to) reviews, rankings, recipes, crafts & activities, meal plans, and read-a-thons.

Stick around in the barouche-box! Tomorrow I'll be posting a special list of the top period dramas to keep you sane during self-quarantine.

After this week, we'll keep a regular schedule of posting Thursdays weekly. :)